This Replacement Commode Bucket designed for Composite Commodes comes complete with its own lid. For use with the following commode models: B361-00 & B362-00
  • Complete with lid
  • Fits most composite commodes including models B361-00 & B362-00
FGB359C0 0000
When used as a raised toilet seat, the Splash Guard can be used with most commodes.
  • Prevents splashing when using commode over the toilet
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Fits most commodes
FGB36300 0000
This Toilet Paper Holder fits all standard size steel and folding commodes, and is extremely convenient for both users and caretakers. Simply snap the toilet paper holder onto the commode frame and slide on a roll of toilet paper. Fits most standard steel commodes.
  • Conveniently holds toilet paper on your commode
  • Easy installation, no tools required
These Commode Liners feature an absorbent powder which reduces splashing and odor. They are a convenient solution for cleaning and removing the waste from a commode. These highly absorbent liners can hold up to two quarts of liquid, and can be used up to three times. They have tie handles for easy, quick disposal. They come with a dispensing package for easy storage.
  • 7 disposable liners per package
  • Each liner holds up to two quarts of liquid
  • Tie handles for easy removal
  • Dispensing package for easy storage